Holy Similaun / Weightausend - Split EP

Holy Similaun / Weighthausend - Split EP
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The split is a combination of industrial sounds, juxtaposing the cutting sounds of electronic music with the warmer vibes of old-school synths and consisting in a dialogue between two original tracks and its two respective re-interpretations.

Apt-get and amy dub (rework): The track refers to Linux’s shell “Apt-get” command. It’s filled with granular elements, blunt echoes, drum parts intertwined and reconstructions of gabber synths. This rework has a cold and abrupt feel to it that remembers the echoes of Apt-get, keeping in mind the link between harmony and rhythm researched originally by the author Weightausend.

Amy dub and Apt-get (care mix): The tracks are the result of a sampler processing that plays with the timing of harmony and rhythmic and with jungle, dub and industrial influences. The sound’s characteristics focus on unexpected drops, the creative use of basses, sub-basses and pauses. There is also a constant encounter-clash among sound and melody. Amy dub is the street name for Amitriptyline, a potent dissociative sedative.

Mixed by Matthias Girardi
Mastered by Antonio Gallucci
Graphics & layout by Alberto Bertelli

Prehistoric Silence - April 2017